UEB Quick Reference Sheet

Cheat sheet for transition to UEB (Unified English Braille) with a version in Simbraille

This “cheat sheet” was created as a part of the material given out for a workshop at the Canadian UEB Summit 2012. It is not inclusive of all the changes from EBAE to UEB and should not be used alone as the only source of information regarding the transition to UEB.   It is designed to be a quick reference tool that is a handy summary of some of the key differences in UEB (Unified English Braille).  


UEB cheat sheet 1   UEB cheat sheet 2

Click here to download the sheet.


UEB “Cheat Sheet” with SimBraille

UEB Cheat Sheet with Simbraille

Click to download UEB Cheat Sheet with SimBraille.

Unified English Braille(UEB) quick reference sheet