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Shadow Puppet icon

Using the Shadow Puppet Free App to Create Student Portfolios

Ideas on how to use the free app Shadow Puppet as a tool for students who are blind or visually impaired to create their own slideshow and stories
"Roman on CVI" as red bubble words with subtitle: Environmental Adaptations

Environmental Adaptations and CVI

In this video, Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy speaks about how to adapt the environment, the use of maps and O&M (Orientation and Mobility) strategies for students or children with CVI (cortical/cerebral visual impairment).
Project INSPIRE logo

Project INSPIRE: Increasing the STEM Potential of Individuals Who Read Braille Through Self-Paced Free Courses for Professionals and Materials for Middle School Students

Announcement of free self-paced courses for TVIs, paraprofessionals, families and others working with braille students to practice the use of Nemeth Code within the UEB Context.
Queensland braille progression and assessment cover sheet

The Queensland Braille Progression and Assessment Tool

The Queensland Statewide Vision Impairment Services team has a braille learning progression and assessment tool that can provide progression in learning stages and document student progress.
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Teaching Tips Tuesday

Sign up to get free teaching tips from The Foundation for Blind Children every Tuesday!
Illustration of Santa Claus with bag of wrapped presents on his back

Braille Letters from Santa

Braille letters from Santa Claus can be sent to children in many parts of the English-speaking world this Christmas!
Cover slide of PowerPoint presentation on teaching students with visual impairments

Teaching Students with Visual Impairments: An Introduction

This powerpoint presentation is designed to introduce administrators, teachers, paras and related service providers to some of the basics in working with students with visual impairments. ncludes strategies for students with low vision and blindness
Cover of 2nd edition of Braille Fundamentals

Braille FUNdamentals: UEB Primary Level Teacher Manual and Student Activity Materials

Comprehensive curriculum for teaching the braille code, including assessments, checklists, and activity ideas

Basic Reading Resources

Reading resources for all children, including those with visual impairments
Screen shot of Diane Sheline's YouTube video list

CVI Tips and Strategies from Diane Sheline's Video Channel

Video demonstrations with tips and strategies for children with CVI (cortical / cerebral visual impairment)
Banner for CVI Self-Paced Course

Free Self-Paced CVI Course from California School for the Blind

California School for the Blind (CSB) has announced that they are offering a free, self-paced course on CVI, which is open to anyone, including families, teachers, and related service providers.
Tellefson book covers

New Chapter Books for Grades 4-7 with Main Characters Who Are Blind

These two new chapter books for readers in grades 4-7 feature main characters who are blind and are available in print and braille.
Pearson Nemeth Curriculum banner

Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum

A free online curriculum for teaching the Nemeth Braille Code to students in Pre-K through Grade 8
Nemeth Tutorial screenshot

Nemeth Tutorial from APH

Tutorial in Nemeth Code for braille notation of mathematics and science from APH (American Printing House for the Blind)
Collage of best apps

The 7 Best Apps to Help People with Visual Impairments Recognize Objects

An adult with a visual impairment shares his recommendation for the best apps to help people who are blind or with low vision to recognize objects. Includes suggestions for both iOS and Android.
A woman and girl read a book together.

Free Braille Books from the Braille Bindery!

Free braille books are available from a number of sources in the United States. The Braille Bindery at Temple Beth El in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan has been creating free braille books for more than 40 years.
4 to 24 icon

4 to 24 Free App Designed to Build Skills for Future Success and Employment

The 4 to 24 Free App from The National Research & Training Center on Blindness & Low Vision is designed to build skills for future success as an adult, including employment and independent living skills.
braille display

Braille Displays for iOS

Information about braille displays for iOS devices, including iPad, iTouch, and iPhone, as well as an overview of accessibility for users who are blind or visually impaired.
White pegboard with black pegs in dot 1 and 2 positions

Thai Video Clips to Share with Kindergarten Students Learning Braille and Their Families

By Noie
These video clips are designed to familiarize families and young children with braille numbers 1-10 and the English alphabet.

Biobehavioral States and Availability for Learning

Biobehavioral States are critical to understand in order to identify when a student with complex learning needs, including sensory impairments and health challenges, may be available to learn.