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Space and Constellations Bulletin Board

Tactile bulletin board of constellations

This is the latest tactile bulletin board in our braille classroom this year.  Space is, by far, the favorite science topic of the 5th grade girl who inspired these interactive accessible boards. She recently attended Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama and dreams of working for NASA.
bulletin board with planets and star constellations, labeled with QR codes on cards
When we began brainstorming this bulletin board, she quickly requested something new… she had studied the solar system and planets pretty much every year and wanted something new, “like black holes and the asteroid belt.” Upon further discussion I learned that she was not aware that stars and constellations could be seen from Earth. She was quickly envious as she thought they were stories of mythology and only for the eyes of the astronauts.
Virgo and Scorpius constellation with pins placed on the stars     Libra constellation labeled with pins
We started this board with a fabric background that showed many constellations. We mark one or two constellations each day. I use short shank pearl tip pins to mark the constellations and she presses them into the board. We discuss the shape of the constellation and the creature/object that it is to represent. This has been, by far, her favorite part of the board.
For something different this month, I posted QR Codes (click to download) for short webinars and videos to teach her more about these more complex space related topics. Click to download a planets quiz. 
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