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Storyboard for CVI or Braille Learners

Create your own storyboard for spring for students with CVI or braille readers

I’ve seen storyboards many times before on this website and others.  The great thing about these is that they can be re-used and you can have multiple story “bags”.  

I created this story board for a classroom with students who have severe/profound disabilities.  I have three kids with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) in that classroom, and one child with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), who is currently being exposed to braille and tactile materials.  


  • I made this black felt board with these materials to make the board easier to “see” or localize toward when the story is told for the kids with CVI and accessible with tactile materials for the other student.  


I modeled this after the “Five Pretty Flowers” poem.  

Say: “Look at what is on our board today.  We have five spring flowers.  Let’s count them. One, two, three, four, five!  Five spring flowers!”
Do: Have the student count the flowers. Use either verbal prompting, physical prompting, hand under hand, or hand over hand depending on level of independence.
Say: “Five spring flowers all in a row.  The first one said, ‘We need rain to grow!’”
“The second one said, ‘Oh, my! We need water!’”
Do:  ADD RAIN DROPS CARD TO BOARD – Have students do this part or help them touch once placed on the board. Describe if tactual and talk about each item and how it feels. Talk about what the real thing also feels like.
Say: “And, the third one said, ‘Yes, it is getting hotter!’”
Say: “And, the fourth one said, ‘I see clouds in the sky!’” 
Say: “And, the fifth one said, ‘Mmm, I wonder why?’”
“And, boom went the thunder (Do: CLAP YOUR HANDS) and crack went the lightening.”
Say: “The spring time storm was really frightening! But, the flowers weren’t worried. No, no, no!  The rain helped them to grow, grow, grow!”
The end.

  • If you were only doing this for a braille student, you may want to use other textured materials for the story board pieces.  
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