Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Create Your Own Colored Shapes for Light Box Activities

light box with three triangles
After a recent low vision exam, the optometrist recommended instruction in the colors (primary only) as she validated our suspicions that the student had more vision than light perception. The student's class is working on 5 shapes (circle, square, triangle, heart, and star).
While APH's Light Box Materials: Level I has 3 shapes (circle, square, and triangle) in different colors, I needed star and heart also. So I made my own. I used colored index tabs as they would work well on the student's mini light box in her classroom.light box with 2 pink squares and a yellow star
I wanted to use the actual shape as she may still want to explore it tactually to verify what she was seeing. The nice thing about using the ones I made is that they work well even with the light off. The high contrast is perfect for our needs.
The classroom teacher has also made letters of the student's name for use on the light box as well.
colored shapes for light box activity collage



Posted on May 29, 2015
Updated on: February 7, 2018