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Making Accessible Valentine Stickers

Screenshot of Valentine stickers on iPad

Make your own Valentine stickers for braille students to share with others or for your students to receive, using designs on Good Notes that can be copied onto swell paper and run through Pictures-in-a-Flash (PIAF) or other tactile graphic maker.  Of course this can be done non digitally by just making drawings and copying onto PIAF paper (or using pen that works on PIAF paper).

Download these files to create tactile stickers:

I use an iPad, iPad pencil, and GoodNotes, so I can copy, paste, resize, etc. (and erase my mistakes)! This lets me produce a class set quickly. You can bring in a picture or a PDF and then annotate it, so that you could actually trace over it.

For name labels I just printed from a Word doc of the sim braille I made with Student Braille Writer Mac app or Perky Duck could be used on PC.

Name labels of students in class

Full double sided sticker sheets (from Carousel of Textures) make it quick to turn a whole sheet into a big sticker and small stickers can be cut out.

Sticker sheets made with Carousel of Textures


Using double backed adhesive sheets to create stickers

I cut out the stickers and give them to other students to give to my braille student to receive.

Tactile stickers that can be shared

Directions to classmates

The note to classmates says:  "These braille stickers can be used for __'s or other Valentines if you like.  Simbraille of love = love.  There is a sticker with your name in braille.  You can decode it with this chart.  (Braille alphabet)  You might find some braille contractions in your name that are not on this chart."


Video Demonstration Showing How to Create Tactile Stickers

Watch this short step-by-step video showing how to create tactile stickers with braille text.

Download the transcript.


Collage of Learn How to Create Your Own Tactile Valentine Stickers

Posted on February 10, 2020
Updated on: February 12, 2021