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Activity and strategy

Tactile Valentine’s Stickers

Make tactile and visual Valentine's stickers for a class!

The PDF in this post is a 4-page document with Valentine’s images and sayings (little dogs and cats, lots of hearts, braille of love, you are sweet, be mine).

Download the PDF.

The attached PDF is grayscale with some pink.

  • Print or copy onto swell paper. If you set print to color, the pink part of the drawings will not raise in in the swell machine and will add visual interest to the sticker.
  • Run the pages through Pictures-in-a-Flash (PIAF) or other tactile graphic maker.
  • After you have the tactile page from the swell machine you can use full size double-sided sticker sheets (from Carousel of Textures from APH) make to turn a whole sheet into a big sticker – small stickers can be cut out.
  • If you don’t have the double-side sticker paper, cutting out the stickers first and then using tape, double-sided tape or glue stick is an option.
Student wrtiing on an adapted handwriting paper with four lines and highlighted
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