Dmitry Neronov

I’m in my 8th year supporting students with visual impairments as well as their families and communities at the heart of Silicon Valley. Whether I am teaching new part of the braille code to a student who is already blind or losing their vision, examining what the youngest learners can see/do through play-based assessments, or designing creative and dynamic lessons that pique students’ interests and meet their individual needs, every day is different.

I was born legally blind, and I strive to impart my knowledge and experiences to the students I serve. As a student who has overcome many obstacles due to my impairment, I hope to inspire people with disabilities to become independent, determined, and resourceful. I believe that self-advocacy and resilience are both essential skill for anyone with unique needs. As a teacher of students with visual impairments, I will support my students not only by supplying the tools and assistance they need, but also by improving their outlook on life by serving as a successful role model with low vision. Every person sees the world through their eyes, and brings their own talents, experiences, and strengths.