A photo of Krish sitting on a chair holding her cane, wearing a big smile.

Krishangi Shroff

Krishangi Shroff is a 13 years old girl, and a student in the 7th grade. She is diagnosed with
Usher syndrome, and has dyslexia. She lives in Texas with her parents, and her older sibling.

Krishangi is very passionate about the educational rights of children with disabilities, and wants to see them being successful. She is a self advocate, and cares about disability education awareness, developing students’ self advocacy skills, and promoting disability inclusion in mainstream media.

At the age of 11, she gave testimony in front of SBOE and TEA officials during the Texas Dyslexia Handbook revision in June 2021, sharing the need for dyslexia identification in children who are deaf, blind and DeafBlind. After this, TEA issued a guidance document on SLD in children with sensory disabilities in April 2022. Her advocacy effort for the SLD identification in deaf, blind and DeafBlind students during Texas Dyslexia Handbook revision was recognized by Every Life Foundation for Rare Diseases, and she was named a finalist in the Teen Advocacy category for the Rare Voice Award, 2022. This award celebrates advocates who champion and amplify the rare disease patient voice in state and federal policy.

Krishangi is a panelist at Disability Book Week since 2021. She reviews and shares about books that show accurate disability representation, or is written by an author with disability. She also reviews the vision accessibility of the prints. She and her brother interviewed Dave Steele, The Blind Poet, for the Helen Keller awareness week 2022, theme ‘Changing Perspective- Diversity & Inclusion.’ She also worked along with her brother to get a proclamation letter from the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott and the Mayor of Little Elm to recognize the week of April 23-29 as Disability Book Week; and has organized a Disability Book Week event at her school. She has also organized fundraisers to raise money in support of NFADB, and Dallas Hearing Foundation.

Krishangi given presentations, and was invited to be a part of Disability Book Week panelists to speak at Texas Advocates Gone Wild conference held on August 25-26 at Kalahari Resorts, in Round Rock, Texas. She has been invited as a speaker by Florida Agencies Serving the
Blind at the Going Beyond Vision Loss Summit to be held on June 12, 2023, in Orlando. Her presentation is titled- Finding my voice: The power of self advocacy for students.

Krishangi enjoys writing poems, painting, singing, baking and dancing. She loves traveling
around the world with her family, making new friends, visiting museums, and trying new food.

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