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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Help Kidz Learn: Educational Games

Screenshot of Help Kidz Learn

HelpKidzLearn is a collection of software for young children and those with learning difficulties to play online. The software is split into five sections: Early Years, Games and Quizzes, Stories and Songs, Creative Play & Find Out About.

The creators recommend that these activities be played together with your child or student. They can be used as a focus for chatting. Speaking and listening is very important for young children's educational development, particularly reading and writing.

More than one hundred games and activities can be accessed using mouse and keyboard, switch(es), touch screen, interactive classroom displays, joy stick, roller ball and eye gaze.  These can be played by children with a wide range of special educational needs and learning difficulties at a pre-literacy or early literacy level. 
Each game notes what skills it works on and how it can be accessed through different types of switches.  For example, in the game "Splat" below it says:  "Develop your tracking and eye-hand coordination skills in this classic game of splat that kids love to play.  Accessible with touch, mouse, eye gaze or switch."
Splat screenshot.

Some teachers recommend using Tapio for switch access using an iPad.

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