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Learn about Braille Brain

Braille Brain is a special collection designed to promote literacy and STEM instruction.

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Have you explored the Braille Brain microsite?  Our goal in creating this special collection is to promote literacy and STEM instruction.This includes consolidating and promoting methods and materials for best practices as well as creating a comprehensive braille training program. 

Literacy and STEM Best Practices  

We invite you to explore literacy and STEM pages which support learning through the use of specialized technology. Some of the resources we have included are assistive technology to support STEM instruction, specialized math and science instruction and tactile graphics.  Additional resources include foundational skills for reading, and integration of writing and language.    

Braille Training Program

The APH Braille Brain site is comprised of a comprehensive and accessible braille training program.  This intervention consists of lessons and activities. There are comprehension and skills checks using multiple choice, true/false and fill in the blank questions.  Additionally, participants can engage with braille reading passages and practice writing using 6-key entry, after which they can analyze their speed through an evaluation tool.  In the future, we look forward to adding advanced UEB math and additional assessment tools to the APH site.    

We hope you enjoy exploring the Braille Brain microsite! 

Braille Brain, a training program to promote literacy and braille instruction. Braille brain logo included.

This project was funded by the US Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), 84.235E Special Projects and Demonstrations for Providing Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Individuals with Severe Disabilities.  The project is titled: Braille Brain: A Braille Training Program for pre/in-service Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments (TSVI), paraprofessionals, and other educational team members (H235E190002). The grant was originally awarded to California State University, Los Angeles, in collaboration with APH and Paths to Literacy.

A wheel made out of paper that shows music notes in braille

Music Braille Wheel

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Free Online Program for Braille Readers in Middle and High School

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Fall 2023 Project INSPIRE Courses