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Adapting EU Current Affairs Worksheet

Guidelines to adapt worksheets for students with low vision

This strategy is part of a series on Adapting Worksheets. Please see the introductory post for an overview of adapting worksheets for students who are blind or visually impaired.

Thought Process in Adapting the Worksheet

The learning objective for these sheets is to understand the EU referendum. There are two detailed information sheets and two questions sheets. One requires learners to write down the meanings of words in the text and the other requires them to be able to answer some questions on the text. 
There is a lot of text on the information sheets. I have broken this text down into pages or sections but it is probably better for something this length to be in audio format for the child as well as having information sheets to refer to. I have used Arial, size 28pt for these sheets. I have not included some of the pictures, such as the coins, the map, David Cameron and a ballot paper. Provide materials for this such as actual Euros and a mock ballot paper, and perhaps a recording of David Cameron’s voice. I have included the flag picture but also added a visual description to assist. For a non sighted learner I think it is a good idea to provide a Braille copy of the text and an audio recording. 
The first task is to write down the meanings of some words from the text. Depending on how the teacher sets this task will depend what materials you will give to the learner. The children may be asked to find the words in the text or in a dictionary. This may prove quite difficult for the child. I have provided a list of keywords and the definitions for them. It will be better for them if they can use IT to complete this task and search online for the definitions instead, in which case they may find it easier to type this section of work rather than write it. 
If they are using worksheets to record their answers I have provided plenty of room for writing. I have slightly reworded question 6 to include ‘objects’ and ‘recordings’. 

Adapting the Worksheet

The original worksheet is shown on the left. The adapted worksheet is on the right, with the additional materials following. 

original EU current events worksheet       adapted EU current events worksheet      an adapted worksheet for EU current events        adapted worksheet of questions for EU current events

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