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Eye Spy VI Awards

This is a simple way to express appreciation for teachers, therapists and others who go above and beyond in providing quality services to students who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind.

This year I decided to create “VI Awards” to those teachers who consistently go above and beyond with our students with visual impairments.  As a result I am giving out 10 awards this week.  When possible, my Low Incidence Disabilities Coordinator goes with me to deliver them. If she’s unavailable, I’ve been asking the principal to join me. I can give the award alone, I know, but the teachers already know how much I appreciate them!  Having someone from the Special Services and Programs Office joining me gives the award a deeper meaning. The teachers are given the respect they richly deserve AND their faces are being seen by district personnel. It’s a win-win in my book. 

Sample Eye Spy certificate

Dr. Karen Blankenship gave me the idea for the title of the award, and I created this certificate on the fly. She created “Eye Spy Something Good” cards with blank spaces to fill them in. During the school year, when she saw something good she filled a card out and left it with the teacher.   LOVE THIS! So I’m going to adopt this as well. I’m going to continue with the end of year award for those who showed consistency in this throughout the year. 

Blank Eye Spy card

My daughter created the designs and I am printing them on yellow card stock. 

The teachers who have received their awards so far have loved them!  One stated it was “frame worthy” and another was in her Geometry class and the entire class (20+ students) stood up to give her a standing ovation.  It doesn’t cost much to show appreciation and it means so much to those on the receiving end.   As teachers we always hear what we’re doing wrong. When we do something good, we don’t always hear about it.  I want to change that — one award…one kudo card at a time!  We all need to feel appreciated.

Download a blank Eye Spy certificate.



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