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Holiday Gift Tags

These holiday gift cards provide braille and tactile stickers to make them accessible to children who are blind, visually impaired, or deafblind.

Each year I create Christmas gift tags for my son Liam.  I hand them out or mail them to friends and families in advance, so that they can place them on their gifts for Liam.  A lot of friends & family don’t have access to a brailler (or know how to use braille), but still want to make sure that Liam’s gifts are personalized in a way that is meaningful to him.  These gift tags allow them to do that!  

Reasons I Make Christmas Gift Tags for My Son:

  • Involves family and friends
  • Part of creating a braille-rich environment for Liam
  • Provides my son with practice recognizing his name in braille
  • My son will enjoy locating the tag on his gifts and feeling them.
  • Braille paper (preferably with a sticky back so that they can easily be ‘stuck’ to the presents)
  • A brailler
  • Tactile Christmas stickers 

You could add who the gifts are from in braille as well.

liam opening his christmas gifttactile gift cards


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