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Activity and strategy

Mommy Book

This is a strategy for parents or caregivers who will be separated from a child who is deafblind or who might not understand where the person has gone.

I have a 4-year-old child (almost 5) who is deaf-blind. I had to leave for a conference for a few days for a project I was working on. It was my first time leaving my kiddos for that long. I wanted to create something that my son could look at while I was gone so he knew I missed him and loved him. Something he could use to communicate about me, to others, while I was gone as well. That is how I came up with the Mommy Book.


  • Pencil zipper pocket pouch
  • Scrapbook / textured paper
  • Fabric
  • Binding materials
  • Braille labels & brailler
  • Any items you want to put in / attach to book


Page 1

The book I made for my son had a pencil zipper pocket pouch where I placed a ring that was similar to the ring I wear. I used the pouch as Page 1. Liam uses my ring as one of the ways he identifies me. You could put any type of object in the pouch that the child may use to identify the person.

Page 2

I put the names of people Mommy loves. I put tactile symbols and also braille. I used very simple words and symbols/objects. This can be adapted to whatever level your child is at. 

Hand holding a ring in front of zipper pocket of mommy book
An engagement ring is something that Mommy always wears.

Page 4

I put a variety of different textured hearts on the page. I then put that “Mommy Loves you” in braille. Again, the tactile pictures and wording can be changed to fit your situation.

I traced my hand and used fabric puffy paint to outline my hand. My son LOVES to give fives, so I put the words “Mommy Five” in braille. Before I left, we read the book together and I put my hand on the book and had my son trace my hand with his finger and feel the puffy paint as he traced my hand. 

Page 5

Smell Page! I put a piece of fabric and sprayed some of the perfume I always wear. 


Read the story with your child a couple of days before you leave. Give instructions, to whoever is caring for your child while you have to be away, on how to read the book with your child. I also let my son bring it to school to share with his teachers. He liked that!


The Mommy Book could be changed to a Daddy Book, Grandma and Grandpa Book, My Family Book, etc.

Collage for Mommy book


Two craft flowers
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The Love Bugs cover with the title and textured hearts.

Love Bugs Book

shiny fabric on a bar

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