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Quiet Books

Create a Quiet Book for children who are blind, deafblind or who have low vision.

I made a Quiet Book awhile ago for my son Liam who is deafblind.  I was inspired by some Pinterest “pins” about Quiet Books.  Quiet Books are usually made out of cloth or soft materials and sewn together.  They are meant to have fun activities on their pages to keep children busy (and quiet smiley) when they are places where they have to do some sitting, such as long car rides or sit-down restaurants.    If you search for “Quiet Books” on Pinterest you will find so many wonderful ideas that can be easily adapted for a child who is blind!  

I am always looking for different types of books for Liam that come in a variety of textures.  The first Quiet Book I made included fun things Liam could play with and practice with: zippers, counting activities,  clips, large braille cell, etc.  It was a very simple book and I created it in an evening.  Liam loved it (and still likes playing with it/reading it today!).  

liam's quiet book with green stringliam's quiet book with green string and figurinesliam's quiet book with camouflage and green belt and suspenders
liam's quiet book with braille dotsliam's quiet book with braille dots

I have a good family friend who is AMAZING with a sewing machine!  One Christmas, she asked for ideas of what Liam may want for Christmas and I told her about Quiet Books.  She is so very creative and accepted the challenge. smiley She created a beautiful Quiet Book for Liam that included a fun Braille Alphabet made out of small, hand-sewed-on, buttons!  What a treasure!  This quiet book that she made I know took WAY more than an evening to make.  

quiet book with alphabet letters and braille dotsquiet book with alphabet letters and braille dots and a plaid shirt
quiet book with tactile mitten and different color fabricsquiet book with tactile shoe and pants

I hope this post encourages you to check out Quiet Books and all the fun ideas to make an interesting and motivating book for the child in your life—Whether you sew only a little (like me:) or have a passion for sewing (like my friend)!   Writing this post has made me revisit Quiet Books on Pinterest and I just may have to make another one for Liam now that he is older and his interests and level have changed. smiley

If any of you have created a Quiet Book for a child who is blind or has low-vision, please share. I would love to see them!!  

Visit our Pinterest Board for Quiet Books and let us know if you have a book you’d like to add to our board.

quiet books collagequiet books collage

quiet books collagequiet books collage



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