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Activity and strategy

Sending Your Child Off for the First Day of School

Create notes in braille or with tactile markers to let your child know that your thoughts are with them on the first day of school!

My son, who is deafblind, is starting his first day of Kindergarten today! I made braille notes to put in his lunchbox at school.

lunch box with braille and text

I put tactile “stuff’ on each card as well, with stars, hearts and buttons for him to feel.  The cards say:

  • We are proud of you.  From Mom and Dad
  • We love you!  From Mom and Dad
  • You are a good boy!  From Mom
  • Mom loves you
  • Mom and Dad love you
  • Have fun at school
  • Have a good day

Tactile images



Collage of sending your child off for the first day of school



Uno braille playing cards with large print
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