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Summer Trip Book: Creating an Accessible Journal Photo Book

Tips to create an accessible journal photo book about summer trips, family vacations or other special events, using braille with a printed photo book.

My boys (Liam, age 10, deafblind; and Finn, age 7, typical vision/hearing), Grandma and I took a trip to visit family in Minnesota.  It’s a trip we take every summer and the boys always look forward to it. 

Making a Journal Photo Book

This year we took pictures and we turned it into a journal photo book.  I used to create the photo book, but there are many sites that you can use to create a photo book (e.g. Shutterfly). 

Both boys helped me decide what to write on the pages. 

Once we received the book, Liam and I took turns writing and adding braille to the book so that it is accessible for everyone.   

Creating braille labels on the braillewriter

I used braille label paper to attach the braille to the pages.

Reading the braille on the braille labels

Sample Pages of Photo Book

Liam is in a tan kayak on the lake in shallow water.

Page with photo of boy in kayak with braille label

Finn and Liam are sitting on the big boots of Paul Bunyan.  Paul Bunyan was fun.  We rode on a train and a lot of rides.

Page from photo book with picture of two boys in front of Paul Bunyan statue

Liam and Finn enjoyed visiting great grandma at her apartment.

Page of photo book with two boys posing with their great grandmother

This was a fun and easy way to create a memory of our summer trip that both boys are able to share with friends and family. It was also a fun and motivating way work on writing during the summer, for both boys!  

Uno braille playing cards with large print
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