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Activity and strategy

Tactile Environment Mapping

Wheatley Tactile Diagraming Kit can be used to create tactile maps.

The Picture Maker (Wheatley Tactile Diagraming Kit) is a fabulous tool to use for a number of things including creating tactile maps and diagrams. The velcro board comes with shapes of all different types that can be used for someone needing to learn their environment through orientation and mobility. It can also be used for students needing to feel diagrams for a science or math class just like their sighted classmates do visually.  This is a very useful tool for people of all ages and especially for school-age children.

Beaded labyrinth being explored by a student

Concepts Learned with a Circular Labyrinth

3-D symbols that include a the laundry room is a hook, the school store is a couple of gold coins, and the student’s classroom is a number 3, the first number in his classroom number.

3D Destination Symbols for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Activity and strategy

Quick and Easy Communication Cards for Your Use with English Learners