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Train File Folder Game: Whole Word Contractions

File folder game to teach dual media students whole word braille contractions

This is a file folder game for students with low vision who are beginning to learn the braille code. This file folder game will help reinforce the instruction and solidify the whole word contractions for A, But, Can, Do, Every, Go, Like, So, It, You, People, and Rather, for dual media learners.

  • File folder
  • Adhesive braille labels
  • Velcro dots
  • Glue (glue sticks work the best)
  • Download Train Braille File Folder Game (Word document).  There is a Title page that can be cut out and glued to the front of the file for quick identification.  Glue the two sheets with the characters/symbols to the inside of the folder.
  • Cut out the pieces and attach Velcro if desired. Several of the pieces are blank, so you can attach the braille symbols using braille labeling adhesive (I use the product from American Printing House).
  • The player matches the train card with the dot numbers on it to the corresponding whole word, as in the example below for “every”:

Train with    Train car with dots 1 and 5

*For durability you can laminate the folder and pieces (I would recommend using non-glare lamination). 
Image of pieces from Train Braille File Folder
An answer sheet is included.
Answer sheet for Train File Folder Game (included in Word document).

For more File Folder games by the same author, please see her posts on Paths to Literacy, or visit Teachers pay Teachers

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