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Activity and strategy

Using TACK-TILES® with Beginning Braille Readers

Beginning braille instruction using TACK-TILES®


TACK-TILES® are similar to LEGO®-type blocks and can be used for a wide range of activities with early braille readers.  There are many ways that these can be used to match or sort letters, find the one that’s different, spell out simple words, etc.

In this photo a student is given two different sets of letters (“m” and “y”) and is asked to find all of the m’s and put them on one line, and all of the y’s to put on a different line.

  • Have one student write out a word and another student read it.
  • Write out a word using the TACK-TILES® and ask the student to copy it.
  • Make a row of letters with one that is different and have the student take out the one that is not the same.
  • Use your imagination!

tack-tiles collage

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