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Welcome Parents! Get Started Here with Questions about Literacy for Your Young Child

Tips and guidelines for parents of children who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind who are just getting started and wondering how to introduce braille and literacy to babies, infants, toddlers.

We’re so glad that you have found your way to our website!  We know that you have many questions about how your child will learn and what you can do to provide the best possible environment for him or her.  We also know that this website can be overwhelming with the amount of material that is here, so we’ve created this page with a few tips on how to get started.

Baby's feet with adult's hands shaping heart around them


Cozying Up to Literacy:  Getting Started with Interaction and Bonding

Love is the first literacy skill that our little ones learn! Trusting and meaningful relationships motivate a child to want to be with and learn from others.



A young child in a high chair examines an orange

Developing Routines

Routines are an important way to help young children to develop concepts and skills that are the basis of literacy.  Meaningful experiences are a critical foundation to learning. 






Baby with young woman

10 Tips to Introduce Reading to a Young Child Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired

Sharing quiet time together with a family member, teacher or other special person enjoying stories that are funny or interesting is something that all of us love, regardless of our age or the amount of vision we have.

Download Tip Sheet on Tips to Introduce Reading.



A young girl explores a ping pong ballTactile Fun Buckets

Make your own tactile fun bucket to encourage your child to explore different textures and weights.






Baby on tactile quilt

Tactile Baby Blankets

Create your own tactile baby blanket or quilt to encourage exploration with your baby who blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities or deafblindness.  



Picture book with child catching ball and sandpaper hands on page

Tactile Books for Very Young Children

Find out how to introduce books to babies and young children using tactile adaptations, creating experience books, and adding braille.




Young boy reading looking at tactile books

You Can Do It! Tips for Families Who Are Just Getting Started

The mother of a young boy who is a deafblind tactile reader shares ideas to help you get started!

See all posts from Liamsmom.






Learn about Story Boxes!



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Braille Bicentennial

Seedlings 40th Anniversary logo annoucment October 2024

Seedlings 40th Anniversary

Student accessing the window art activity.

Accessible Window Art