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YouTube Learning Videos for Students with Visual Impairments

YouTube videos can be a valuable resource when looking for learning content for our students with visual impairments.

Screen shot of a YouTube video showing the number 6 with touch math concepts

As a TVI (Teacher of the Visually Impaired) I have been using YouTube for a few years now as a valuable resource when looking for learning content for myself as an educator or as a tool to use with my students.

Not All Videos Are Created Equal

It is important to note that anyone can post a video on YouTube. As the educator, carefully review the videos before presenting them. If you can’t find one that is a great fit, create it and share with others!

Video Links

Below are some learning videos that were created and may be appropriate for students with a visual impairment. As with all content and materials, evaluate individual needs to determine if it is right for that student.

Who Invented Braille? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

This a a 3-minute video that can be used to show students how braille was invented and is a good tool to use with classroom peers as well.

Hey Bear Sensory

The high contrast colors and music are a good fit for little ones.

Mister Teach

I found this channel with “Guess the Sound” videos, a fun brain break for all.

Jack Hartman Videos

A teacher of students with visual impairments creates videos with YouTube content creator Jack Hartman to include braille. Read more about it.

Alissa DeSousa

A mom who created CVI friendly videos for her son has shared them for all to enjoy.

Ms. Gabby TVI

A teacher of students with visual impairments has created videos for her students and shared them with us all.

Seeing Sadie and CVI

Seeing Sadie and CVI created videos for learning content and shared it on their YouTube channel.

YouTube Learning Videos for Students title with a screen shot of a video for students who have CVI (Cortical/Cerebral Vision Impairment).
A little girl on happily reading a book holding a teddy bear
Activity and strategy

Creating A Story Box For Our Students With CVI

Student wrtiing on an adapted handwriting paper with four lines and highlighted
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Finding the Right Paper

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Teaching Print Letters