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Nemeth Braille Code Focused Lessons

The Nemeth Braille Code Focused Lessons are designed to help students learn the Nemeth symbols and increase their knowledge and understanding of key mathematical concepts.

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By Tina HerzbergSara Larkin, and Susan Osterhaus


The Nemeth Braille Code Focused Lessons are designed to help students learn the Nemeth symbols and increase their knowledge and understanding of key mathematical concepts. Students of any age may enjoy and learn from the lessons, especially if they need a refresher or additional practice with Nemeth symbols.

The focused lessons were developed in response to feedback from dozens of students interested in learning new Nemeth symbols in a fun and supportive way. The user-friendly focused lessons include:

  • How to read and write new symbols in Nemeth Code
  • How to use these symbols for math concepts and applications like number lines and modified expressions
  • Examples in braille
  • Examples in print for parents and teachers
  • Activities and games to reinforce the new symbols
  • List of special symbols for reference
  • Abbreviated lesson documents with only examples and problems for students who are transitioning to braille or new to the Nemeth Code

Use the following links to go to a description of each focused lesson and to download a zipped folder with the lesson.

Focused lessons include:

  • Five-Step Rule and Exceptions (ZIP) 
    • Place Value (horizontal bar directly under a single digit)
    • Single-Digit Repeating Decimal
    • Multi-Digit Repeating Decimal
    • Geometry (segments, rays, and lines)
    • Geometry and Beyond (parallel to, perpendicular to, congruent to)
  • Fractions and Mixed Numbers, Including Activities (ZIP) 
    • How to Read and Write a Simple Fraction
    • Simple Fractions with Operation and Comparison Signs
    • Simple Fractions with a Diagonal Fraction Line
    • How to Read and Write a Mixed Number
    • Mixed Numbers with Operation and Comparison Signs
    • Spatial Arrangements with Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Multiplication and Division, Including Activities (ZIP) 
    • Linear Equations with a Multiplication Cross
    • Multiplication Cross and Fractions
    • Multiplication Cross, Grouping Symbols, and Exponents
    • Multiplication Dot
    • Linear Equations with a Divided By Sign
  • Number Lines, Including Activities (ZIP) 
    • Creating a Number Line
    • Graphing Points on a Number Line
    • Graphing Inequalities on a Number Line
    • Cumulative Number Line Review Activities
  • Radical Expressions, Including Activities (ZIP) 
    • How to Read and Write a Radical Expression
    • Radical Expressions with an Index
    • Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions
    • Multiplying and Simplifying Radical Expressions
    • Division with Radical Expressions
    • Nested Radical Expressions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Nemeth symbols do I need to know to use the Nemeth Code Braille Focused Lessons?

At a minimum, you should know the Nemeth numbers, basic signs of operation, basic signs of comparison, and the letters of the alphabet.

Do the focused lessons replace the general education math curriculum?

The focused lessons will support math instruction, but they should not replace the general education math curriculum.

Is there a specific order in which the focused lessons should be completed?

Each lesson focuses on new symbols needed for a specific skill or concept. They can be completed in any order, based on what the student will be learning or is currently learning in math.

Why is it important for children or youth who are blind and read braille to learn the Nemeth Code?

Proficiency in Nemeth Code allows K-12 students who are visually impaired and read braille to access grade-level math and science materials. In addition, the Nemeth Code provides students of all ages an effective way to demonstrate understanding of mathematical concepts (Rosenblum & Smith, 2012). By using the Nemeth Code, students are able to show their work step-by-step, as they solve simple and complex mathematical equations similar to their sighted peers.

Is there a UEB technical math version of the focused lessons?

Currently, the lessons are only available in the Nemeth Braille Code within UEB Contexts.


Please give us feedback about the Nemeth Braille Code Focused Lessons, including what you like about the lessons, what could be improved, and what you would like to see added. We appreciate any suggestions that will help us assist students who are blind or visually impaired in achieving competence in mathematics and supporting the efforts of removing access barriers for these learners.

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Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum

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