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Nemeth Symbol Library Instructions

This page provides navigation instructions for using the database with either a QWERTY keyboard or a refreshable braille display and a screen reader.

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By Sara LarkinSusan Osterhaus, and Tina Herzberg

Web page navigation

From the top of the homepage, press H to navigate through the headings.

To select a link, hit enter while on the link.

JAWS keystrokes and settings

  • “Expand to computer braille at cursor” should not be checked
  • Shift-F10 to find links
  • Press Alt-left arrow to go back
  • Ctrl-F opens the Find dialog box, type the word to search for on the page, and results will be displayed.
  • Press Insert-F7 to get a list of links on the page.

NVDA keystrokes

  • Ctrl-NVDA-f to search page content
  • Insert-F7 to get an elements list

VoiceOver keystrokes

  • This is a work in progress.

BrailleNote Touch (downloading brf files)

  • Use the KeyBRF app for opening the sample brf files
  • Launch KeyWeb
  • Press Enter-O to go to the address bar
  • Type in the URL using computer braille.
  • Once you get to the Sample link, press enter or use the cursor routing button to load the page.
  • Press Space-W to open the KeyWeb menu
  • P to go to page
  • D for download page
  • Open KeyBRF and browse to the file you downloaded
  • “Note: Make sure document name is the same as the title of the document”
  • Open/End should be Open/Close
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