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Nemeth Symbol Library Settings

This page provides settings for optimal utilization of the library.

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By Sara LarkinSusan Osterhaus, and Tina Herzberg

Screen Reader settings

  • When viewing brf files use a refreshable braille display.
  • The speech from the screen reader will not read the braille correctly.
  • Turn off contracted braille (Refer to your screen reader’s user manual).
  • Turn on six dot braille (Refer to your screen reader’s user manual).

NVDA settings

  • This is a work in progress.

Microsoft Narrator

  • This is a work in progress.

VoiceOver settings

  • Turn off contracted braille using Space-g.
  • Turn on six dot braille using Space-dots 2-3-5 or Space-6.


Depending on the browser you are using and its settings, the browser may attempt to open brf files in the browser or it may attempt to download the brf file. It is always best to download the file and view it on a braille display or emboss it.

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