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Project INSPIRE assignments for Nemeth Code Symbols Used in the Middle Grades and Strategies for Supporting Math Learning

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By Tina HerzbergSara LarkinSusan Osterhaus, and Penny Rosenblum

We have developed two assignments to allow you to apply what you have learned in this course to your work with students who are braille readers. Download Assignment 1 and complete it and then check your work against the answer key.

Download and complete Assignment 2. Once you have completed it, compare your response in the Assignment 2 Answer Key that contains examples responses completed by those who have taken the course as part of the Project INSPIRE initial course offerings.

Liam using the low tech restaurant book
Activity and strategy

Communication Tools in the Community for Students who are Deafblind

Six students in cap and gowns jumping in the air.
Tips and guides

End of Year Wrap Up for Teachers

A boy using a video magnifier
Tips and guides

Video Magnifiers or CCTVs