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Lesson 1: Nemeth Code Symbols Used in Middle Grades, Part 1

This lesson is designed to help teachers of students with visual impairments and others learn about Nemeth Code symbols used in middle grades.

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If you are a print reader, before you watch the Lesson 1 video, we recommend you emboss the Lesson 1 Activities.brf file or print the Lesson 1 Activities.pdf file. If you are using Duxbury, before opening any BRF files in Duxbury, go into the Global menu. Select “Formatted Braille Importer” and then check the box for “Read formatted braille without interpretation” at the top of the window. This will ensure that nothing is changed when opening the BRF files. We suggest you wait to access the Lesson 1 PPT.pdf file until after you watch the video.

In the video on Slide 11 where you are asked to complete Activity 1B, there is an error in (D). The number 32 should be written in Nemeth Code. On slide 15 in the Answer Key for Activity 1C, the Answer Key begins with an opening Nemeth Code indicator and Nemeth stays open through 6). Nemeth is then terminated for the words. Both mistakes are correct in the Power Point handout and the Activities handout.

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