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Recommended resources for Project INSPIRE Course 5: Nemeth Code Symbols Used in the Middle Grades and Strategies for Supporting Math Learning

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This page contains resources to support you in your work with braille readers in the middle grades. The Resource List for Students in the Middle Grades is extensive and we recommend you save it for future reference. On this page we have also provided links to the resources that are shared in several of the lessons so that all the resources are in one place. If you have recommendations for additional resources, please share those with Dr. Herzberg at

Articles and Books

  • Deepening Students’ Mathematical Understanding with Literature by Monroe & Young, NCTM, 2018
  • Beginning with Braille by Anna Swenson, APH Press, 2016
  • Key to Educational Success: Teaching Students with Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities, edited by Sharon Z. Sacks & Mary C Zatta, APH Press, 2016


*No longer available on APH Federal Quota

Long Division:

Pearson Resources:

These lessons provide a fun and supportive way to learn new symbols and practice reading and writing these symbols within grade-level math problems. Topics include: Multiplication and Division, Exceptions to the Five-Step Rule, the Five-Step-Rule, Fractions, Number Lines, and Radicals.

Both braille and print readers can use this online symbol library to access examples of math symbols shown in both print and braille. Brief explanations of symbols are provided. Users can download BRF files in Nemeth in EBAE or Nemeth within UEB contexts, or a PDF file in Nemeth in Print and SimBraille.

Products from the American Printing House for the Blind

Resources for Preparing Materials in Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts

Tactile Materials

Resource list

Jasmyn in her cap and gown, with her cane and holding at teddy bear, at Kutztown University

Studying to be a Braille Transcriptionist


End of the Year Checklist for Teachers

Uno braille playing cards with large print
Activity and strategy

Games for Students with Visual Impairments