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Hands on a refreshable braille device

Help Your Students Grow Roots with Braille Using the Dual Media Decision Tree

Cartoon of Harry Potter with his wand and owl next to him.
Activity and strategy

Harry Potter Themed Braille Designs

iPad being held with 2 hands
Apps and technology

Vision Nanny Activities for Children who have CVI

Chartoon of a woman with glasses infront of an eye chart

Vision Therapy and Educational Visual Impairment Services: What’s the Difference?

Student in a cap and gown with his thumb up and happy.

Resource Guide for Students with Visual Impairments Entering College

My Five Senses poster with tactile representation and words on it for see, taste, hear, touch, and smell. There is a flashlight for see, bell for hear, candy for taste, cotton for touch, and sticker for smell.

Ideas to Use with our Young Students