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Technology for Children who are Visually Impaired

A brief overview of technology for children with visual impairments

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Young children with visual impairments can benefit from exposure to and experience with assistive technology.  Formal instruction, as a general rule, doesn’t start until kindergarten or later.  

Technology is constantly changing, so staying current about options takes time and research.  Speaking with a variety of professionals in the field and older children and adults who use assistive technology is often beneficial.  

There are several categories of assistive technology for individuals with visual impairments.

Families often have questions about computer games that are appropriate for children with visual impairments.  Though programs are constantly being developed, there are some guidelines to consider in making software choices.

A boy using a video magnifier
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Video Magnifiers or CCTVs

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Steps for Completing the Screen Magnification Software Assessment

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Environmental Considerations for Assistive Technology