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Lesson 6: Nemeth in a Box for Middle School Students

Lesson 6 for Nemeth in a Box

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Welcome to Lesson 6! Lesson 6 is the final lesson in which your student will be introduced to new Nemeth Code symbols. It’s also time for one more round of Boggle at the end of this lesson.

What the Student Needs:

The student needs to have a braille copy of the Lesson 6 file and a braillewriter or notetaker to record their answers.

The student will also need the Boggle game card. The Boggle Card is formatted for a 40 cell line.

What the Facilitator Needs:

The facilitator needs the Facilitator Guide for Lesson 6.

Using Lesson 6 with the Student:

We recommend that before you begin Lesson 6, if you have not already done so, you watch the video of how to conduct “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” prepared by Sara Larkin.

Questions, Comments, or Materials You Create:

If you have questions or comments, please email Dr. Tina Herzberg at The Project INSPIRE Team is happy to consider sharing materials you create that expand on the content in Lesson 6. Please send your materials to Dr. Herzberg for consideration.

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