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Accessible Fridge Magnets = Accessible Artwork Display

Add braille to refrigerator magnets to make them accessible to ALL children!

One day, while browsing the aisles in one of my favorite stores (Michaels!) I found some neat clothespin magnets on sale.   I bought them to use for my fridge at home since my boys like to stick their art work on the fridge already.  I figured I might as well use “cute” magnets for it! I have two sons; my eldest is 6 years old and is deafblind and my youngest is 3 and has typical vision and hearing.  

Close-up view of magnet with braille label








I added the boys’ names in print and also in braille, so they each had their own clips (and the magnets were accessible for BOTH my boys).  I wouldn’t even have thought to share this idea except for the fact that my boys ended up LOVING their clips! They love to show them to people that come to visit and to put their artwork on display at “touch” level.  
Liam used Quick Draw paper to sketch his drawings.  For ideas on creating accessible art work, please see my post Scribbling with My Son Who Is Deafblind.
Uno braille playing cards with large print
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