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Resources on Nemeth Code Symbols for Fractions and Spatial Problems, Instructional Tools, Materials, and Technology

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This page contains resources to support you in your work with braille readers in grades 2-5. The Resource List for Grades 2-5 is extensive and we recommend you save it for future reference. We have also provided a short separate resource handout specific to the abacus. This is the same handout that is also listed under Lesson 6.  If you have recommendations for additional resources, please share those with Dr. Herzberg at

Boy reading bar graph
Boy reading bar graph

Hands on a refreshable braille device

Help Your Students Grow Roots with Braille Using the Dual Media Decision Tree

Cartoon of Harry Potter with his wand and owl next to him.
Activity and strategy

Harry Potter Themed Braille Designs

iPad being held with 2 hands
Apps and technology

Vision Nanny Activities for Children who have CVI