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Lesson 4: Creating Quick and Efficient Tactile Graphics

This lesson is designed to help teachers of students with visual impairments, paraprofessionals and others learn about creating quick and efficient tactile graphics.

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There are three additional videos for Lesson 4 that you may chose to watch if the topics they cover are not familiar to you. They are:

If you are a print reader, there are no activities for Lesson 4 that have an accompanying braille file.






QuickTac Video




Preparing a Tactile Graphic for the Tiger




APH Tactile Graphic Image Library





  • Decision Tree  PDF  Word
  • Tactile Graphic Planning Sheet  PDF  Word
Jasmyn in her cap and gown, with her cane and holding at teddy bear, at Kutztown University

Studying to be a Braille Transcriptionist


End of the Year Checklist for Teachers

Uno braille playing cards with large print
Activity and strategy

Games for Students with Visual Impairments