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Lesson 4: Creating Quick and Efficient Tactile Graphics

This lesson is designed to help teachers of students with visual impairments, paraprofessionals and others learn about creating quick and efficient tactile graphics.

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There are three additional videos for Lesson 4 that you may chose to watch if the topics they cover are not familiar to you. They are:

If you are a print reader, there are no activities for Lesson 4 that have an accompanying braille file.


QuickTac Video

Preparing a Tactile Graphic for the Tiger

APH Tactile Graphic Image Library



  • Decision Tree  PDF  Word
  • Tactile Graphic Planning Sheet  PDF  Word
Hands on a refreshable braille device

Help Your Students Grow Roots with Braille Using the Dual Media Decision Tree

Cartoon of Harry Potter with his wand and owl next to him.
Activity and strategy

Harry Potter Themed Braille Designs

iPad being held with 2 hands
Apps and technology

Vision Nanny Activities for Children who have CVI